Chunky Tassel Trio Decoration

Chunky Tassel Trio Decoration

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A trio of chunky tassels, tied together with a golden yarn.  

These can be added to a hook or a handle to add colour and softness. 

Available in various colours.

Dusky peach mix, 3 tassels in soft light peach, dirty peach and dusky terracotta. 

Dusky teal mix, 3 tassels in cool beige, warm caramel and dusky teal.

Dusky Terracotta Mix, 3 tassels in warm caramel, Terracotta, dirty peach. 

The tassels are tied together with a hitch knot, meaning they can be untied and used separately.

Please keep decorations out of reach of small children. This is not a toy!