Fibre Wall Art In Small Blush Leopard

Fibre Wall Art In Small Blush Leopard

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PLEASE NOTE this is a made to order product and will take 2-3 weeks for completion. If you require a piece for a particular date please contact me prior to purchase. Thank you!

A piece of fibre art, created using a punch embroidery needle. The effect is similar to a handmade rug.

A fun, eccentric piece to adorn any space or wall in your home. These pieces look great clustered and with prints to add some texture to a gallery wall.

Leopard print in dusky blush, mustard and black.

I make 2 slightly different patterns now, a traditional full leopard print (image marked 1) and a slightly larger, more minimal abstract leopard (marked 2).

Please note that no 2 pieces will be the same, as these are hand drawn patterns made to order. When you order a  piece, it will be uniquely yours. 


This large piece measures approx 7” across and is backed in felt and edged in whip stitch. There are 4 brass coloured rings stitched on the reverse to give you a variety of hanging options/aspects. 

This listing is for the SMALL 7” piece £29.00. The first two images show the actual size. If you wish to order the 12” size you will need to go to the larger listing. Thank you!